YK Festival 2014
feature artist


7 days : duration performance

diviNation project was organized and supported by the CINEVOLUTION Media and patiently prepared through  year-long discussions on Humanity, Art and Technology. Cinevolution staff took care of every step of the process, form organizing to promoting this event.

diviNation project was designed to question the role of the artist in times of permanent change. Situated in between private and public, artist are required to test and verify how technology influences habits, including creativity. Mapping the space in between artistic, humanistic and technological, diviNation was inspired by Greek Cynics who practiced philosophy of resistance and solitary saints who lived on columns rejecting earthly delights.

Ten meters tall diviNation tower was erected at the Minoru Plaza in front of the Richmond Cultural Centre. Tower included fully functional art studio at the top, supplied with live streaming audio & video equipment.

Drawing Studio at the top of the tower

Dangerous Minds : 7 charcoal portraits 60 x 44 inches / each

video :: opening + performance 

+++++++ 7 days of creation +++++++

Day 1 // technology

First day started with TECHNOLOGY and electronic malfunctions, tangled and lost connections, incompatible platforms and conflicting standards. Technology proved to be “cruel mistress”, asking for everything and giving (almost) nothing in return. 

Day 2 // rationality

Second day was dedicated to NORMALITY and I tried to interact with visitors and occasional passerby’s. However,  I soon figured out Richmond was one of the most lifeless and dispassionate places on Earth. (Normal) people walked by the tower, ignoring it and unaware of what is going on.

Day 3 // intellect

Third day was devoted to KNOWLEDGE and this feature allowed me to have fun playing with images and words. Intellectualism allowed me to be cool, distant and indolent to anything happening below the tower. At the end of the day I realized Knowledge may be responsible for the current state of affairs. 

Day 4 // disobedience

Midway through the project I employed my ANARCHY persona to test the boundaries of freedom and censorship. Anarchy mode made me feel invincible and cool, fueled by attitude “there is nothing to lose, because ther is nothing to keep”. Nobody really cared about my attitude, but I got few small gifts at the end of the day.

Day 5 // philosophy

After anarchy I turned to myself through PHILOSOPHY. Only Sophia will allow me to enter into my own head and meet my own PSYCHE. I truly enjoyed making art in public, hidden away (and yet exposed) at the top of the tower. Nonetheless, I couldn’t produce anything of true value, as I was permanently distracted by the events in the surroundings.

Day 6 // tribalism

Devoted to TRIBALISM, day six was an attempt to abandon my own ego and contemplate common values. Ancient humans understood  their role and position in the Universe and they used divination to navigate through the chaos. Today, we are left only with chaos, as we abandoned nature long time ago. 

Day 7 // spirituality

On Day 7, I became a saint. I began to perceive nuances and insignificant details, which made me aware of many hidden aspects of existence...and at that point I had to stop dreaming and I stepped down to the ground. Then I deleted all my online accounts and vanished into digital silence.


Digital Silence

In the past 5 years I stayed away from social newtorks, news and all sources of information. Keeping myself away form public opinions, I spent my time producing an extensive body of works and consequently I discoveder,  that in times of media digital silence turns to be an essential condition for creativity. 


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