Reality of the virtual 

I am not interested in virtual reality, but in reality of the virtual.
- Slavoj Žižek

    Drawing allows to visualize ideas, events, analogies, paradoxes and influences. Drawing generates new knowledge, because when we draw we become familiar with the unfamiliar.

    I spent a decade experimenting with various charcoal drawing techniques in order to learn how to render complex and challenging subjects. Simultaneously, I explored digital tools, investigating infinite variations of form-making. I ended-up developing digital charcoal, a medium with capacity to bridge virtual and analog domains.

    One of the most important components of my drawing is time. In fact, time plays a major role and influences every creative segment of the process.  It controls relationship between mind, eyes and hand, as every mark and gesture depends on the “presence” (control) or “absence” (mistake) in time.

    In times of image overload, greatest challenge is to resist mechanical production of new visuals. New hybrid creativity will emerge as an outcome of post-digital experiements and will free itself form both novelty and tradition. 

    Zizek’s quote predicts the next step in art making, asking us to stop and reflect on “what did we learn from technology”. If we provide the answer to this question, we may be able to step outside the mainstream spectacle and generate new (visual) sensations.

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