Moving Island Project

Montenegro + Canada

August 15th, 1452.

300 years after the first stone has been thown into the sea, people of this bay have finally made the island. Gutemberg just printed a Bible and Leonardo was 1 year old. They build the church and dedicated it to celebrate miracles of Madonna, who responded to prayers of sick, troubled and poor. From now on, every year to this day, their descendants will come to the island and throw stones in memory of this heroic effort.

August 15th , 1993. 

War in my country continues. I decided to make my first exhibition on the Island. Form now on I will use this sacred place to reflect and try to understand who I am . I exhibited paintings of fishes, pierced with harpoons and hooks,  mute as people who suffer. I performed underwater meditations and I became a fish or maybe fish became me.

August 15, 1994.

I am getting ready to leave this country. Move out. Anywhere. I have one-way ticket to Vancouver, some place in Canada. I don’t know anything about Canada and I don’t want to know anything about Vancouver. The date on my ticket is September 14th, 1994.  Soon I will be far away from here. This place will exist only in my memory.

August 15th , 2003. 

This is my second exhibition on the island, consisting of fifty drawings and one hundred artistic statements. I decided to bring the island with me to Canada. I tied myself with a rope to the island. I closed my eyes and jumped into the sea. I swam and swam with my eyes closed. I believe I moved the island.

August 15th , 2013. Canada

Sharp at noon, I arrived at Deep Cove’s pier with a big stone marked “August 15, 2013” and threw it into dark waters of the bay. My wife took some pictures and video of the event and local artist Steve arrived with a small stone in his pocket. He threw his stone in the water and now the future island has two rocks in the foundation. Who knows, maybe these people continue to throw stones or other stuff into the ocean (? ) and maybe on August 15, 2313 they will celebrate their heroic effort of making island the Madonna of the Rock here in Canada?

I miss my island and I made a small replica in terracotta. Sometimes I carry this model with me on my walks to the beach and I play with it, pretending to be real.

and then I wake up form my dream and fall into another one.

pechakucha presentation 

by Vjeko Sager

Moving island dreams.


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