Subliminal mind control

Images of our time reveal thoughts, feelings and fears which are hidden from perception. In this sense, every image is mystical and political at the same time. Mystical, as it conveys our beliefs and principles; and political as it affects the way we comprehend reality. This is particularly true for social media, which conveniently divides “inconvenient” form “safe” content, functioning as an ideological filter.

We live surrounded  by hidden aspects of control.  Subliminal systems rule our lives at every position and place, from crossing the street to throwing a garbage. They instruct and arrange, verify, place and condition every single decision before it has been made.

To expose control, means to reject authority.

Evergreen Cultural Center, Coquitlam, B.C. Canada
Viewing Program at the Drawing Centre, New York

365 drawings - ink on gesso boards - 6 x 5 inches (13 cm x 15 cm) each

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