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December 2003
Seymour Art Gallery

Artistic statement

By Tia Sager, 6th grade student
at Dorothy Lynas Elementary School

This is the story of four artists who caused misunderstanding and destruction of Modern art...


My father Vjeko Sager was born in Montenegro. He likes to think and study and he never liked the idea of becoming an artist, because he does not like art. However, despite his resolution, he studied art and became university professor in painting techniques. When we moved to Canada, my father was unhappy with his position, for not being recognized for his knowledge and skill. He does not like what he is and he decided to become somebody else. He divided himself into a four different people. This exhibition is a story about four artists whose plan was to destroy art.


Vigor Sagerov

was a daring and intelligent man.  He was very sophisticated and precise. His passion was the mystery and unknown. His ambition was to find a way to represent the invisible. He believed in science, but also in mysticism. At one point, he recognized the other side of life, the unfairness.  He became a communist and fighter for human rights. Soon after, he was killed because an important person did not like his progressive ideas.


Visio Sagerinni

was a brave and exploratory spirit. He did not like the school, but he liked to construct things. He was always looking for fun and adventure. Visio was not very serious about anything. He enjoyed spending time singing and drinking. His passion was to make strange objects that could be used for many purposes. He was very interested to blend art with crafts, because he said, art by itself was worthless. He lost his life because of the fearless nature, while trying to save the Bauhaus school from demolition.


Vicar Saggner

was an intelligent person, but he never used his mind. Everything he did was in opposition to himself. He was not a pessimistic person, but behaved like one. He made every effort to escape from everything and everybody.
Maybe this was because he was brought up with strict family rules, or the reason might be his strange and lonesome nature. He ended up with destroying every possession and relationship. At the end, he had only his own body. His body became his canvas, as he used to say. He joined the Greenpeace and died under the mysterious circumstances while imprisoned at Victoria, B.C.


Vick Seger

is twenty-five years old Canadian photojournalist. He is not particularly bright or talented. He is somehow indifferent and indolent type of person. His only passion was the photo camera. He likes taking pictures of everything. His observation skills are great. For example, he is able to notice the “unimportant” traces of somebody’s absence. He was a photojournalist assigned to report bombing of former Yugoslavia. Stressed out by injustices, he moved away from the frantic world, to the St Helena Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

My father has put this exhibition together in order to ask a question concerning the present and future state of the arts.
I told my father I believe in 2012 the art will finally disappear. My friends at school are not very interested in art history and they do not like to learn traditional skills. They like to make art with computers. Sometimes they like to use photography or just to rearrange objects. This is the reason why real art will vanish.

Tia Sager, December 2003


The End of Art


Four artists who are guilty for misunderstanding and destruction of art  // installation + performance //

+ Art is Dead + Arte e Morta + Kunst ist Tot + L’art est Mort + El Arte esta Muerto + Arto Mortis +  艺术已经死了+

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