Vjeko Sager is an artist, philosopher, educator and curator. Best described as an architect of the mind, his work has been awarded, exhibited and represented in public and private collections throughout the world. 

Vjeko is an artist who rejects comforting visions. He refuses simple answers proffered by figures of authority or dictated by common sense, believing that they numb us to the complexity of reality and blinds us to possibility. Instead, his art and his philosophy constantly push against the boundaries of knowability. The breaks in linearity in his art work signify the end of reason, and challenge us to discover what lies in the space beyond.

Yun-Jou Chang 

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: : diviNation prophecy : : 2014 to 2020 : :

A visitor from future arrived in 2014 to advise humans what will happen if they continue doing what they are doing. Six years later in 2020, the future has arrived...
There is no need to be a prophet in order to predict what comes next. The future is here and whoever looks carefully for the clues would be able to see things coming. On top of that, wise and observant individuals always find a way to warn the rest of the population, nevertheless masses are often preoccupied with thier own daily issues and ignore these warnings. If anyone is surprised by current affairs, shold ask a simple question: was I reading the signs or was I staring at the shiny surfaces?
Everyone should know the answer to this question and there is no need to ask anything further.

DiviNe being  : :  your future is here.

live : : drawing

Artist Vjeko Sager imagines our future city during the "Localicious" RE:generation Dialogue IV.

What is creativity? 

David Frank Gomes and Jochen Schliessler 
in conversation with Vjeko Sager

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